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More Eco-Friendly;

As we are doing this hospitality business, we always try to listen our guests' ideas for make this business more guest oriented. As this is our goal to listen; We had some little upgrades in and out of the apartments. This year we focused on more environmental issues, because of the global warming potential. First of all, we renewed the air-condition units with the new ones. The old air-condition units were use R410A cooler liquid. R410A has a GWP (global warming potential) of 2088, the new units that we installed in the apartments use R32 cooler liquid while has only 675. The GWP of R32 gas is only one-third of the GWP of R410A. In other words, the new generation R32 gas is a much more environmentally friendly refrigerant than the old generation R410A. This will consume less electric and will be more environmental. Secondly, we changed the kitchen faucet parts with water-saving aerators. These faucets will make water usage less and efficient. This will provide more environmental usage. There is also plastic usage problem which we should also take actions. We are going to use less as possible and will use most our plastic items which has been recycled. There will be recycle bins out at the apartment for recycle. We need to respect our world as this is our duty for the next generations. We are trying to make our Apartment more sustainable and eco-friendlier as it can be. There will be changes on our restaurant & bar menu as well. Such as at the bar there will be signature cocktails which to enjoy. The other issue that a lot of our guests mentioned on local and traditional food. We decided to include this in our menu. We worked and created very unique items which you will love. Of course, our well-known famous pizza will be on menu. All the ingredients and suppliers will be local for supporting local businesses and freshness. The menu will be combination of Mediterranean and middle eastern cuisine. There will be Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner options for our guests. The Pool area and surroundings will be same as it is. Maybe we can have some changes next year. Spending time at Mitos will be good as usual which a lot our guests enjoyed in years.

Kind Regards

Acer Acerer

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